Wednesday, May 7, 2008

a Mother's Day present....for OT BARBIE!

I thought this was a surprize but I see that it has been viewed more than a coincidence would allow. Therefore I am assuming that Kells send the link out to everybody she knew! So I might as well get some work off it....hahahaha!! (Baracuda!!)
To a very special friend....my OT BARBIE!
Kelly and I often joke about how when I lost my dear friend Dino, he sent her to me to make sure I didn't miss him too much! I absolutely believe this!!! We talk about him and laugh about how we would never have met (Maybe) if it weren't for him! All I know is that from the first second we said hello, we have been fast friends...she is the one who named me the SMOOCHES fairy...something I will never forgive her for! (so I named her OT Barbie!)
So when she contracted me to make a special DVD for her son's upcoming graduation...I couldn't resist taking some of the pics and making her a lil present.....to give to him to remind him where he gets his support, love and strength!
Happy Mother's Kelly! You inspire me to be the best mother I can be...(we all have to support each other!) You have a beautiful son to be proud of, I know because he looks at the world through his mother's kind and loving eyes..:)....LUV YOU, smooches
Come back to us!!I miss you!!
P.S. Turn the music player off at the bottom of the page....


KellySawtelle said...

Have I told you lately how AMAZING you are!?!?!?!?!

Your the best gift Dino ever gave me!!!! He is up there smiling at us and hoping we take our shoes off so he can see our feet!! ha ha

Luv ya Bren!!


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