Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My dreams lie in my personal power. I inspire transformation, respect and support by discrete but charismatic example and tolerance. I am an instrument for dynamic, responsible, or passionate expansion that serves and protects the greater good of my legacy.
My legacy of Mother, Friend, Sister and Lover! I am master of the universe and I am empowered with the reputation of experience, credibility, skill, and momentum. I transform through integrity. I burn as brightly as the sun and those who approach are afraid of the heat.
Fear not, my love is both warm and comforting. Seek shelter and solace in my heart. I hover above like the moon, quiet and somber until all ignore my presence, but I am constant and remain. My sense of self is not reflected back from outside but wells up through my soul to radiate outward from within me. How else could I answer to no master but God? I am neither complacent nor passive, but I am noit moved to action unless summoned. Once summoned beware the magnetism of my passion. I am a force of nature to be reckoned and reconciled. As with time, I am marching forward. I can not settle down easily or be ocntented with the 'same old same old' of a routine...I want what I want when I want it....that is just me.
I love language...so many words to say not much at all really...now LAUGH DAMMIT!


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