Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Evaluating who I am!

Check out this picture.....I took it at the Salem Red Sox game on April 24th, 2009...I think it is patriotic! A flag at a baseball game!

I am so tired of studying....I have finals! BooHiss! So anyway, I wanted to write about anything...so here goes:

I am who I am. I am getting older and I think I am becoming a classic….I am middle class, an oldest child, overachiever, not a laborer and not a white collar either. I was born in the baby boomer era and grew up thinking that the world was my oyster-- only to find out that hamburger was what was on the main menu. I’ve experienced lost love and then love renewed. I have buried a parent and a brother, gave birth to my boys. I was too young to be a part of the 60's revolution but I enjoyed the Disco thing. I think that Republicans are stuffy and Democrats are too flamboyant so I identify myself as an independent. Radio ruled when I was young and TV wore itself out when I got older. I remember the times when I was able to go outside and play until I was told to come in and eat dinner. I was able to share kool-aid from the same glass as my friends and drink water from the garden hose and there was no scare of a disease. I am most comfortable in jeans and a T but I do like getting "dressed to the nines" sometimes. In social arenas, I can talk about politics or NASCAR with equal vigor and knowledge. When I was young I watched people die of diseases that would have been treatable today and I have beaten cancer twice. Now kids play Wii, everyone has a cell phone but still I remember my grand mother and how she often spoke of the old days. I remember hearing how John F. Kennedy was shot and I remember seeing my mother cry whenever she told me. I gratefully have seen people cry tears of joy, sorrow and happiness. I hated the memories of photos of soldiers returning from Vietnam in body bags and I hate the ones from Iraq even more. I loved the memory of watching black and white TV to see Armstrong jump on the moon. I have visions of seeing my elementary classmates scurry into the hallways only to crouch down and hide behind their lockers during Nuclear air-raid drills while the air defense sirens shrilled. I did not see the Berlin wall go up but had the incredible pleasure of watching it come down. I had an unshakeable faith and then I drifted, only to return to believe the single set of footprints in the sand was the time of my life when my Savior carried me. I try to never forget those that have sown their seeds into my life, and no matter where I go in life - I try to stay in touch with them one way or another. The sum of who I am comes from the pieces they have added to me. Yes I can clearly say I have lived a middle of the road kind of existence and to some extent these things have made me appreciate what I have, who I am and what I have to offer. The best part of this equation is that I still have a lot more to witness... God willing. smooches


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