Monday, November 30, 2009

catching up!

ok I suck! I haven't blogged in half a year but there has been some major developments....I will update everything as soon as I ge the chance...Hope everyone had a blessed holiday!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Evaluating who I am!

Check out this picture.....I took it at the Salem Red Sox game on April 24th, 2009...I think it is patriotic! A flag at a baseball game!

I am so tired of studying....I have finals! BooHiss! So anyway, I wanted to write about anything...so here goes:

I am who I am. I am getting older and I think I am becoming a classic….I am middle class, an oldest child, overachiever, not a laborer and not a white collar either. I was born in the baby boomer era and grew up thinking that the world was my oyster-- only to find out that hamburger was what was on the main menu. I’ve experienced lost love and then love renewed. I have buried a parent and a brother, gave birth to my boys. I was too young to be a part of the 60's revolution but I enjoyed the Disco thing. I think that Republicans are stuffy and Democrats are too flamboyant so I identify myself as an independent. Radio ruled when I was young and TV wore itself out when I got older. I remember the times when I was able to go outside and play until I was told to come in and eat dinner. I was able to share kool-aid from the same glass as my friends and drink water from the garden hose and there was no scare of a disease. I am most comfortable in jeans and a T but I do like getting "dressed to the nines" sometimes. In social arenas, I can talk about politics or NASCAR with equal vigor and knowledge. When I was young I watched people die of diseases that would have been treatable today and I have beaten cancer twice. Now kids play Wii, everyone has a cell phone but still I remember my grand mother and how she often spoke of the old days. I remember hearing how John F. Kennedy was shot and I remember seeing my mother cry whenever she told me. I gratefully have seen people cry tears of joy, sorrow and happiness. I hated the memories of photos of soldiers returning from Vietnam in body bags and I hate the ones from Iraq even more. I loved the memory of watching black and white TV to see Armstrong jump on the moon. I have visions of seeing my elementary classmates scurry into the hallways only to crouch down and hide behind their lockers during Nuclear air-raid drills while the air defense sirens shrilled. I did not see the Berlin wall go up but had the incredible pleasure of watching it come down. I had an unshakeable faith and then I drifted, only to return to believe the single set of footprints in the sand was the time of my life when my Savior carried me. I try to never forget those that have sown their seeds into my life, and no matter where I go in life - I try to stay in touch with them one way or another. The sum of who I am comes from the pieces they have added to me. Yes I can clearly say I have lived a middle of the road kind of existence and to some extent these things have made me appreciate what I have, who I am and what I have to offer. The best part of this equation is that I still have a lot more to witness... God willing. smooches

Monday, April 27, 2009

ok.....I suck...I haven't blogged in over a month! Hey, I've been buzy! and I've been outta town! But do I got pictures.....so hold on.....I'll get everything up and you can leave me some feedback, if you haven't abandoned me yet! smooches

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My Toast!

Ok folks…here’s the deal…I wrote a TOAST for St. Patrick’s Day as I do every year...…and I was going send it out last night…but I hesitated. Then this morning, again I was not satisfied. I came home from work and before I head out to my St. Patrick’s Day Bacchanal Fest, I had to re write it! I had written a liturgy on inspiration but I changed the topic….to laughter! So here it is and it goes to everyone in my email addresses....even my insurance agent!! hehehehe! some of you lucky buggers may even get it twice! I will post it on my blog as soon as i get the chance.....

How many of us realize that we have to laugh at ourselves. It is such a necessary part of dealing with the most insane situations that occur. Yesterday I got a flat tire and literally had to jog to make a very important meeting, in heels. A very nice lady stopped to offer me a ride, which I declined because one of my gals was coming to get me. The lady said to me, you look like you are going to be late for your own funeral. I could see myself in my mind and I started to laugh. I walked into the meeting 15 meeting late but I don’t think I missed much. Then today was the topper, I got up and got ready for work. I went out to start my car and it would not start. I checked everything. It was turning over but just wouldn’t start. I called the auto club and a sweet gentleman came to my house and we deducted that it didn’t need a jump and that possible it was a fuel issue. He put gas in my car….nothing. So I asked him to tow it to the garage at the end of my street. I left Dennis a note with the keys and my cell phone number. Now how to get to work…I called Mary and left a message. My lil Dodge truck is was gone, so I had no way to work. I called my friend Ann. She was just going to put V on the bus. I ask if I can borrow her GMC truck and could she come and get me. No Problem. In 20 minutes I am in her driveway. I hop out of her car and open the truck door, start it to warm for a few minutes. I go around her car to kiss my godson goodbye. I walk back to the truck and as I try to open the door, it won’t open. Ann and I just look at each other and start to howl. I have locked the keys in the truck and it’s running!! I cannot believe that I have to call the auto club again. Ann offers to stay with me but I send her off to the gym and I sit there for 25 minutes waiting and laughing at how stupid I am. I got through Friday the 13th with no incident and here I am on St. Patrick’s Day….which I might add has always been lucky for me….wondering WTF happened. To make a long story short, I got to work a little late.. But the really funny thing is…my car…Dennis calls me and tells me he can find nothing wrong with it. He has spent the day starting it and it is fine. I spend the afternoon with Betsy, singing and laughing, thinking that it’s all behind me! I walk down to get it when I got home from work and I drive it to my house and park it. I debate on whether to take the GMC back and decide I should maybe keep it. I get ready to do my South Boston Bar Crawl through the Irish pubs. Greg wants to go stay at a friends so I go out to start my car and it WON’T START! God help me…tomorrow I don’t have to be at work til 1 pm and its going to Joe Oliviera’s shop…he will find its problem. But so much for this…..I need a drink…so I gotta wrap this up….
To those that I laugh with everyday insanely….whether we are ‘stuck’ somewhere or not.
I raise my glass……

May joy and peace surround you,
contentment latch your door,
and happiness be with you now
and bless you evermore!

To the ones who make you laugh til you cry. To the ones who stop in the middle of a song that they are singing when you walk into a club and make you laugh. To the ones you just have to look at to crack up. To the ones who make you laugh even if you haven’t seen them in over a year or for years. To those whose laughter you hold in your heart. Never lose the ability to laugh at yourself, it is the best laugh of all. I love you all, smooches…..Brenda

An addendum: It is now Wednesday morning...I am nursing a hangover! I vaguely remember a little peson, male, dressed a s a leprachan! hehehehe....and can you believe it?...I can NOT find the keys to the GMC! Oh Lord bless me for I only do this once a year! so...I have to call and see if Ann will bring me the spares. I must have my car towed to the other garage.....and still I'm laughing because I know this the result of having way too much on my little mind! Keep laughing and have a blessed life!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

To quote The A team...'I love it when a plan comes together..."

I am one of those people with an overwhelming need to please and be accepted. I try to not forget birthdays, special occasions, I try to 'read' my friends so that I can be there if I think they need me. The worst part is that I have a very short list of people that I want acknowledgement from, but I do want....or rather NEED them to be proud of me. For a long time that person was my mom. I can remember crying into her arms because I thought I had done something to disappoint her and she told me how proud of me she was and that there was little I could ever do to disappoint her. This kept me grounded and centered when everyone else was critical of me and until I found a few others that inspired that reaction in me. Now I feel like many view me as an intrusion or a bother and that would never be what I wanted. So anyhow....today I felt empowered. My next door neighbor, Jeanette turned 84 years today. She was born 1/1/25. she is a little spit of a thing...I don't think she weighs her age. She has been a widow since the second year I lived here....I've owned this house for 10 years. So I call Jeanette every Monday to coordinate our agendas. What day does she want to go grocery shopping, what do we have for medical appointments. She fretted over me the whole time I was limping, and when she found out that I would need surgery she went into hyper drive. I stop over to check on her every chance I get. My sons mow her grass and shovel her snow. Two years ago, I called her to wish her a Happy Birthday/Happy New Year's and she didn't answer, I went to her house and I found her in the middle of a stroke on her kitchen floor. I called 911 and stayed at her bedside for a week. There is little signs of the stroke now but I fear for her. I threaten her if she goes out in the snow...for a broken hip would surely mean a nursing home. I often feel guilty...because I can't spend more time with her and that I never had the chance to do all this for my own mother. Cancer stole her from me way to soon. So....this morning I put on a pot of black eyed peas because my mama also made them for New Year's and told me they were good luck. I had a card and a beautiful cashmere throw as a present for her to wrap up in while watching the news, but I also had a secret. So after the peas were done, I made a little cake. Then there was a knock at my door. It came be very hard to hide things from someone who lives right next door. I did it though. Around 1 pm I called Jeanette and told her I was coming to get her so that she could eat with me. I half carried her the 10 yards to my door. But she came in and sat down. Gregory told her we were going to have a birthday party for her and she scoffed. I told her that because of a surprise I had, that we were going to start with the cake. I put it on the table and and lit the candles. I told her to blow them out, close her eyes and make her fondest wish. As she sat there with her eyes closed I snuck her son Paul who lives in NC and his children into the dining room and told her to open her eyes. I need a sidebar....she has not seen her son in 3 years...he moved to NC when he accepted a professorship at UNC, then he divorced...blah blah blah....it was always something. I starting called him and emailing him at Thanksgiving telling him that he really needed to come home. That his mother is mostly likely nearing the end of her life and she needs to see him and the children. I just kept on badgering. He told me that he was coming to CT for New Year's and I told him that he had to drive here. He never called me a name but I know he thought it. Well...let just say....even now as I think about her face when she opened her eyes and saw her only son and her grandchildren that that it was the wish she made. He will only be here until tomorrow but it meant everything to her. He even came over and wished me a Happy New Year with a kiss and told me that he is very glad that he made the trip and that he is glad that his mom is so loved.
So how does that go again...'Do unto others...' I can only hope that my son sees how a little something can mean a whole lot to someone.


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