Saturday, May 24, 2008

Memorial Day weekend

Gregory and I are busy filling up waterballoons for our Memorial Day cookout. We are mowing and trimming, cleaning the house, preparing the food, getting the pool situated, setting up the sound system because a some point Betsy will be singing 'Be Alive'...hehehehehe!! from her CD. Lots of food, lots of laughter and lots of love. You all know to drop on by, if ya want, but if you can't don't worry..
The root of memorial is from the latin memoriale meaning to list in memoranda, to keep in mind, remember. So know that I remember..I remember the time you made me laugh, I rmember the time when your smile made my day, I remember when you defended me, I remember when you said you were my friend and I remember everytime you said I love you! If I remember then you are here, in my mind and in my heart....
UH oH! Getting a drity look from Greg....breaks over, back to work....see ya all at the party!
REMEMBER...I Love You.....smooches



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