Thursday, January 24, 2008

My 'BUCKET' list....LMAO!

I made this crazy list of things to do before I turned 40 and I did it all......or a reasonable adaptation of everything...so now I'm doing it again! Things to do 'fore I KICK THE BUCKET!

Have my Portrait painted. Maybe even NUDE...hahahaha!!

Throw a party and invite everyone I know....I mean everyone!

Go to an Olympic event.

Learn how to take a compliment.

Attend all the NASCAR races in a season!

Run away from home. Just disappear for like a week...no contact with anyone I know!

Send a message in a bottle.

Ride a camel in the desert.

Fall in love, really in love...hopelessly and unconditionally.

Ride the Orient Express.

Heckle the Senate.

Get a fan letter.

Take a shower in a waterfall!

Get a raise.

Have sex with a 'little' person. (for the NON-PC: midget)

Drive route 6 across the entire country, coast to coast.

Learn how to complain effectively.

Spend Christmas in the Caribbean drinking rum!

Dance in the moonlight on Mill Mountain..."Ain't even done with the night"...again!! and this time I'm holding out for first person I wanted!

Buy my Charger!

Owe nothing!

Feel appreciated by the people I love!

Move to VA and Live on my Moutain!

Well let's see what happens.....smooches



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