Monday, March 4, 2013

I swear if one more person tells me what a good person I am....I AM GOING TO COMMIT A HOMICIDE! I freely admit that I am not the worst person on the face of the Earth.....but I am FAR from being any where near GOOD! You have to understand....I am paying for sins that I have committed and trying to earn POINTS for the things that I do out of my own selfishness. I have people come up to me, strangers on the street and tell me that there must be a special place in Heaven for me, because of the work I do. They see me doing my job and make me out to be some sort of saint...or because I take pride in being a good friend. Right like my lame attempts to be good...like that is going to negate the evil I do.... My only hope is to break even...but thanks for saying it anyway....even if I am never going believe it....



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