Thursday, July 31, 2008

Update from Fort Hunter, Liggett, California

You are not going to believe this.....my son, Cpl. Joseph Fonseca, who thankfully is on US soil, in sunny California, which one would think would be safer than Afganistan, until the earthquakes start!!!!... So this guy loves nothing better than torturing me. He calls me to tell me that he's been SNAKE BIT. Now anyone who knows me knows that rubber snakes freak me out. I got bit by a snake when I was 9 years old, an I have a HEALTHY respect for them and a murderous regard! Gregory made me go see 'Snakes on a Plane' and I had nightmares for a week.....so I ask him what kind of snake and he says 'rattler'. Are you kidding me? Seems he was out on guard and felt something wrap around his leg. He throw a light on it and saw it was a snake and shook it off. As it hit the ground it strikes back at and hit him right at the top of his boot. One fang hit the boot and the other glances off his shin. So for his trouble, he got a TET booster and an anti venom shot and a 12 hour stay in the infirmary for observation. For those of you who follow my darling boys' exploits, add this one to the list...with the eye, the magnets in the nose, locking themselves in the bathroom in the middle of the night, getting a finger stuck in a keyhole...hahahahaha!!....I feel like Rosanna Rosannadanna...."It's always SOMETHUNG!" so
when I see him...what do you think? He's got the snakes head in a baggie in his pocket and he HAS to show me! Speaking of Joey.....I have spent a lot of time just looking at him.....he gives me the 'OH MA!' because I tear up when I look at him. But have you ever looked at someone and didn't recognize them?......Yea, I have a hundred reasons to start to cry for Joey but the reason I do is that I can't find the little boy in him any more. He is a man, with eyes that grieve for lost companions and have seen things that I will never see, not in all my many years...hehehehe! but there is a set to his jaw line, there is a purpose in his step, there is no thread of that child left whom I remember. I love him, I will always, but I miss that imp. I hope that he is still there somewhere and when the situation allows he will re emerge....laughing....


Kelly Sawtelle said...

So ya don't like plastic snakes Huh??? Hmmmmmm interesting ha ha ha KARMA BABY!!!


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