Sunday, June 29, 2008

I've been a bad girl!

I haven't written in my blog for over a week.....I have just been so darned buzy! Laconia last week...Ewes guys know I love Bike Week!...I got pics...maybe I'll do a photo array/slideshow when I get a few minutes.......but I haven't had a minute to blink this week either. We have been having some SEVERE weather, as they like to call it. All I know is that Tuesday Night we were all set up outside with a buffet and band and then in 2 minutes the sky got black, there literally was one raindrop then the heavens burst. Everything, everyone was soaked. I felt really bad for the band...the instruments....yuck! But as always.....the girls pulled it all together. Grab the food, all the folks and made for shelter...I work with the most amazing group of women and I am lucky enough to also call them my friends. Well, so I went to a baseball game Wednesday night...Kayaking Thursday and then attended Kathy and Yvonne's cookout on Friday. It was the first anniversary of getting that hook in my eye...remember that! Kathy did not wanna hear bout it at all....it scared the heck out of her. So yesterday I went sailing on the Charles River.....so beautiful....that is the image that everyone has of Boston...Sailing by the Longfellow Bridge. It was so calming!
And today....well, I can't tell ya what I'm doing today, because it's a surprise and the person reads this....hahahahhaha! Now you'll all be wondering...
Hope ewes guys are having a great summer.....smooches



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