Monday, April 28, 2008

I do the craziest things!

I stopped by the house I grew up in on 18th Street. My brother told me that it had burned down and I wanted to see. It had caught fire one night when I was about 13 and I thought that it had been kind of fated. So Greg and I drove down the street and it was sitting there, just like it always had been. I reach back and grab my Nikon, deciding I was going to snap a pic of it to show my family. Well, a gentleman in the house saw my flash bar and came out on the porch. I started telling him how I lived there when I was a girl and so forth and so on. I told them how the house had caught fire one sunday night when we home watching TV...the Wonderful world of disney was showing the AppleDumpling Gang...yes my memory scares me too sometimes....anyway i told them how we all got out.Guesss what? 2 pots of coffee later, we are all on first name basis, I have had a tour of the entire house inside and out, and I have a pictorial essay! They invited me back anytime.

Speaking of my being odd....I have finally found something that can chase me off Mill Mountain. Lightning!!! Saturday afternoon we had this HUGE thunderstorm. It poured! Greg and I went up to the star to see what it looked like and this bolt of lightning came down from the sky, hit that mountain and shook my fillings loose. Gregory is laughing as I grab him and run like heck to my truck! 2 funny! I have always felt blessed but I'm not ready to meet my maker quite yet.



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