Saturday, February 2, 2008

heart broken.....

I am almost inconsolable....I have a friend...I love her very much..her name is MB! She is the type of friend that I always wanted to be....she's your cheerleader, she builds you up, she is always smiling....she finds the UP side way before I can even think about it... and even when we were both in 'competition' with each other it was a 'lovefest'.... it was never a matter of who was better or the best. I have traveled with her, worked with her, socialized with her and some of my best memories are such because I see her smile in my mind. Now don't get me wrong...I hate to see bad things happen to anyone and I have a reputation for 'wearing my heart on my sleeve.' When I'm happy the whole world knows it, but guess what...the whole world also knows when I'm pissed, sad, depressed...whatever...I am a package deal! But as I told Kell.....I would rather cry because I feel....than to not cry because I feel nothing.....then I might as well travel thru this life as an android. But when something unexpected happens....MB...I love her so much that the thought of her being in the mildest of distress breaks my heart and makes me sob.....
Late yesterday afternoon as I sat in my office, Mark came in to tell me that a medical emergency had been called on MB. Yesterday sucked...the weather here was like a frigid hell.....sleet...frozen rain...ice...and sure enough...as MB was finishing up her day and lugging all her paperwork to her car...( for paperwork see previous entries...YUCK) she slipped. She fell in an ice covered puddle and shattered her arm. She found herself alone...in bitter elements, injured, she saw our boss' Sandy's car. She managed to get her phone out and she called Sandy for aid. She tried to get to MB as fast as she could and as San tried to help her, she fell also...but she was not injured as badly but bad enough. But YEAH!! for Sandy...and here's hoping the back feels better fast!!! As Sandy described the scene to me of MB...in the puddle, of her trying to prevent shock and then of being loaded into the ambulance as she was screaming in pain...I just balled...the very thought of her being in pain and alone, especially to that extent, caused me such agony I could hardly speak. It was finally stablized and casted by 4 am this morning, but she has another surgery to repair and be pinned, so she is looking at a long recovery. I found it amazing this morning as I listened to her husband Don telling me how thankful he was that it was just her arm...she could have just as easily hit her head and been unconscious and suffered exposure and not even had made it to see the sun come up this morning. Maybe he knows something I don't....she's in pain still...but we still have her and she knows she is very loved.....remember my friend MB in your best thoughts and prayers....smooches


KellySawtelle said...

POOR MB! Lin told me the story this am! I told her it sounded like a scene from a movie. I wish her a speedy recovery!


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